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The Training app 

The Amour body training app is a convenient app that is personalised to you when you sign up to the Platinum or gold membership.  

When a client signs up, they will be asked questions, and a program will be designed for their abilities and goals, I find a time to meet the client to go over each exercise, so they feel confident when they start in the gym.

Each month the client will get a new program to keep them motivated and to help reach their goals, the programs have video demonstrations, ability to track your weights and sets so you continue to progress. 

Each client has the options to send form correction videos to make sure they are doing everything correctly.

Each week I check all client’s calendars and send little prompt messages to help motivate you and keep you on track, each month before a new program the client will receive a video message of how their month went and ways to improve. To help the client do the best at achieving their goals and feeling their best the app has ability to track your food so the nutrition coach can check over what you're eating and help you in that area as well. 

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